As academic, I am Lecturer in Practical Theology at London School of Theology and have a PhD in incarnational ecclesial leadership.  I teach leadership and ecclesiology, spirituality and preaching, and also supervise research in various practical theological topics.  As practitioner, I spent ten years in local church leadership.  I now preach and lead as a commissioned minister in an Anglican parish, as well as mentoring a number of emerging leaders.  I am also a Carmelite-trained spiritual director and am open to hearing from potential new directees.

In addition to my work for LST and in the local church, I serve the wider church through teaching and writing.  In addition to regular guest preaching in local churches, I have lectured on the Evangelical Alliance’s Public Leader programme and for the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows Program (London).  I have also served as an Associate of LICC’s Imagine project and have given seminars at both Spring Harvest and New Wine.  My writing crosses the academic/practice divide, with publications in a number of peer-reviewed journals as well as more popular-level publications.  I am most proud, however, of my academic book, Ecclesial Leadership as Friendship, and my decade of blogging over at The Art of Steering.

I trained originally as a City lawyer and – in addition to the doctorate – I hold two Masters degrees, one of which is from Cambridge University, as well as various professional qualifications.