Spiritual Direction.

I am a Carmelite-trained spiritual director who is also deeply influenced by evangelicalism and the charismatic movement.  My day-job is in a theological college, teaching and writing about leadership and spirituality, and my past work experience includes a decade in church leadership and several years as a City lawyer.  I work with directees who, whether they find prayer easy or hard, long for more of Jesus. 

For more details about what spiritual direction (or accompaniment as it is sometimes called) might look like for you, please do get in touch for a free taster session online.  In that session I explain what direction is and explore with you the unique shape of your relationship with God.  We then spend the second half-hour or so in a mini-session so you can experience it for yourself.

Whilst the taster session is free, I do charge in respect of each subsequent session because there is a real cost to me both of the time we spend in conversation and the time of preparation before each session.  Further details will be discussed in the taster session.  (For those who could not otherwise afford this fee, I offer a limited number of reduced-fee sessions each month, so do please ask me about whether there are any still available for that month.)

To book a taster session, please e-mail me at theartofsteering@gmail.com.